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It happens to the best of us

It happens to the best of us

I’ve been blogging a lot about heros

I have said very little and posted almost no pictures about great villains. With that said, here are some of my personal favorite villains.

Magneto - X-Men Magneto is one of the ultimate examples of what it means to not know what you are doing is evil. Magneto was young in Germany during WWII. He witnessed incredible atrocities against mutants, and spends the rest of his life trying to stop that from ever happening again. He fights for mutant rights, and is one of the greatest mutant activist. I like to think of Charles Xavier as Martin Luther King Jr, and Magneto as Malcom X. Basically, the same goals, but much different methods of obtainment. Powers: Electromagnetic manipulation, certain immunity to telepathy.

Mephisto - Silver Surfer You all know him best for creating Ghost Rider. Mephisto is an immortal demonic entity that dwells in some sort of Hell (no particular Hell of any religion.) When Thanos (read earlier posts) tries to defeat the Avengers, he seeks Mephisto as a servant. Here’s why I think Mephisto is way cool. He is not the regular smash-n-crash villain. All of his plans of attack are well thought out. He uses people in ways that only he could torture them. For example, in one issue of Spider-Man, Aunt May becomes very sick. Mephisto agrees to heal her on the condition that he alters the past so that Peter Parker and Mary Jane never meet. Powers: strength, shape shifting, time travel, illusion projection, and durability.

Galactus - Fantastic Four Probably the biggest bad ass in the Marvel universe. Galactus is so much more than what human could ever be. He is one of the oldest living things in the Universe, and his presence is only over shadowed by the Watchers. The guy literally eats planets. Anything you can think of, he can do. Seriously. His official powers list goes as follows : molecular restructuring and transmutation of matter, teleportation that is not limited by mass of the object, time travel, projection of energy, matter manipulation, pyrokinesis, force field projection, construction of inter/intra dimensional portals, resurrection, manipulation of mortal souls/memories/emotions as well as the ability to eat planets. Complete bad ass.